Freight transport



Express Shipping Net, provides you access to freight transport and pallet shipping., as well as standard shipping services.


We provide many types of freight services, ranging from Less Than Truckload (LTL) and Full Truckload (FTL) to containers. You can request the service and the pick-up to send shipments from 2 kg to 4000 kg. According to your requirements, we may be able to organize the shipping for heavier weights. You can check the possibility by reaching us straightforwardly.


Send Freight and Cargo


Whether you're an individual or a company sending heavy shipments or in need of a freight transport, Express Shipping Net will provide an exclusive offer just for you. We will get you a quick quote on most of the European routes. Our developed technology allow us to calculate rates significantly fast.


Selecting The Freight and Cargo Service


At Express Shipping Net we've created an advanced technology which gives you quick access to quotes for pallet shipping on the most popular European routes.

As a private costumer or business customer, you can order the service on our main page, to ship a Euro-pallet. In case you have a heavy item to ship, with unusual measurements, you can insert the measurement in the requesting process.


Not Sure What Type Of Shipping Service Is Suitable For You?


In order to see if your goods can be sent using the standard courier services or using freight services, please check the measurements and weight of your shipment.


If it exceeds 30 kg or standard measurements, it qualifies as freight, click on Request Individual Shipment and fill out the appropriate details on the blank form. Then a final price will be calculated by our sales department after checking with our trusted couriers partners and will be sent directly to you via email.


Upon receiving the final price and making the payment, our freight department will start organizing the pick-up of your shipment together with the logistics provider if you agree with the price.

Filling Out The Offer Form


The offer form is divided into three sections.


We'll need the precise dimensions of the goods including the pallets - these are length, width, and height in cm.


We will also need the shipment's weight in kg, this is the gross weight, not the net weight.


You'll need to describe its contents and give its worth.


For the pick up we'll require a correct and complete pick-up address with the correct post code, a name of the individual responsible for handing over the goods to the courier driver and their local telephone number.


For the delivery we'll need a correct and complete delivery address again with the correct postcode, and the name of the person receiving the package with their local telephone number.


Cargo shipment


You don't have a pallet for your shipment? We set up at your disposal the choice to purchase a pallet once you book the cargo transporting service. For now, this option is available only for orders with a pick-up in few European countries.


If the event that you want to buy a pallet, first present your request for cargo merchandise and then afterward email us at Our shipping experts will give you the cost for buying a pallet.


Setting Up The Load


To qualify for freight transport in Europe, the pallet must be appropriately selected, packaged and secured. Stack in clean and equal columns, stacking the parcels in this way will guarantee the greatest steadiness. No projecting bundles - parcels that surpass the length of the pallet. The packages should lie leveled without surpassing the length of the pallet. Leave no gaps, packing firmly will keep the pallet sufficiently from shocks, stuns and irregular movements it’ll encounter on its route.

Avoid being excessively heavy - Heavy packages should be left for the base. Lighter packages should be placed on the top.

Wrap it up - Using stretch-wrapping will limit the risk of damage to the items on the pallet.


Labelling The Pallet


For all payload transport in Europe through Express Shipping Net, the courier in charge of transportation will bring the suitable labels, or they will pick-up your shipment and label it in the terminal. Therefore, there is no need to print labels, unless instructed by Express Shipping Net or the logistics specialist organization. All things considered, it's important to:

Remove old labels - Any old labels with addresses should be removed from the pallet as not to confuse its delivery.

Guarantee they’re readable - After wrapping and tying the pallet, ensure sure the shipment has a level surface where the label can be pasted.

We likewise suggest that you pack a duplicated of the request confirmation with all the significant details on top of your pallet, subsequently making the locating and delivering of the pallet much easier in the rare occasion of damage or loss of label.


Confirming The Request


After submission of the offer form, you will get an email requesting to confirm the request and make the payment through any of our payment methods (Credit Card, Debit Card or Bank Transfer). You have until 10 a.m. on the day before the pickup to make the payment, the date of collection can, obviously, be agreed with the cargo department.




Under the conditions of cargo dispatching in Europe through Express Shipping Net, it is needed that a forklift or equivalent mode of transport be accessible by the client/organization utilizing the shipping services administrated by Express Shipping Net. This is to guarantee the pick-up of the pallet goes like predictably. In the event that this isn't possible, you should contact Express Shipping Net or the courier service directly before they arrive at the location.

You should also guarantee that the entrance to the collection and delivery address is simple for the courier and be aware that help loading and unloading may be required.


Storing your shipment


If you’re moving and require some extra room for your items before their delivery, this is possible as well.

Maybe you’re moving and need to store some things in your until the strategic subtleties for your new move emerge. For this situation, your shipment will be collected and stored in the logistics company’s warehouses for the amount of time that is required before being delivered to another location out on the town based on the address and date of your choice.

The storage service can be organized by us in partnership with our trusted logistics companies and their diversity of modern warehouses and phenomenal storage units. The service is bookable via, just inform us when you need the goods collected, for what amount of time the storage services are required and on which date the shipment should to be delivered. We will tell you the cost to send and store your items.

Everything will be organized and a price determined depending on the weight (kg) and dimensions (cm) of your shipment, and the quantity of days for which the storage unit will be required.




Heavy shipments is already automatically insured according to the CMR Convention and additional insurance can be purchased up to 5,000 EUR for an extra charge in the second part of the order process.

For the insurance of freight transport higher than 200 EUR, a solicitation can be made by writing in the comments' area on the Request Individual Shipping form or by reaching

For shipment of high worth, we unequivocally recommend the acquisition of extra protection.