How does it work


We've built up a system which guarantees that the most trusted dispatch organizations will carry out the transportation for you. The courier organization is chosen automatically dependent on your needs and on the best cost. We've created a framework and instruments that allow us to check past data and depending on it, select the best dispatch organization which offers the best cost to execution proportion.


We put our focus into creating modern innovations to guarantee availability to the best courier companies and the most reduced costs.


Utilizing our system at the top of the page on, you can see the transportation options for packages and cargo in Europe. It takes just 3 minutes.


  1. Indicate whether you're a private or business client. Enter the country of pick-up and the country of destination.
  2. Inform the number of parcels/suitcases or/and pallets that you need to transport
  3. Click on "Next" and on the following page, choose the weight of your shipment. The cost will be shown. This cost is determined from the packages' parameters and it is the total cost, so no extra expenses will be charged starting here on.
  4. On the off chance that you don't have an idea whether your shipment qualifies as a package, pallet or compartment, click on "Other" and mention to us what you intend to transport. We'll at that point pick the most fitting choice for you.




Filling in the form


Now you should enter the details of the package/pallet/container, choosing the maximum weight in kg and the exact dimensions (only in the case of pallets) and giving the pick-up and delivery addresses, with accurate postcodes. You will be required to enter the local telephone numbers, first of the person responsible at the pick-up address and second, of the person responsible at the address of delivery.


Note that the contracted courier service provider will only contact local numbers and will only call in emergencies. He is not required to call to notify when a pick-up or delivery will take place.


You should make sure a complete address has been given, including doorbell number, the right postal code or any other necessary information the courier will need to reach the property.



Insurance options


At Express Shipping Net, all parcels are originally insured up to 200 EUR, yet extra insurance of up to 1.000 and 2.000 EUR can and should be bought to guarantee your assets are appropriately secured.


Cargo shipment can likewise be guaranteed for a worth higher than 2.000 EUR. Our operators will inform appropriately on this and advise you the cost.



Payment method


Payments can be done via Visa or Mastercard debit or credit card, PayPal or a Bank transfer.


Depending upon the payment method you chose you’ll then be diverted to our payment page. All our payment systems are secured by GeoTrust SSL certificates.


When deciding to pay through bank transfer, it is required to send the proof of transfer by email to with so that your request can be handled. Inability to do so will lead to delays in the collection of your shipment.


All done? At that point click "Proceed".


Review the request


Now you'll get an opportunity to review your request. Ensure everything's right, double check the addresses and postcodes.


If everything looks good and correct, at that point all that is left is to "Finished the ORDER AND PAY", after that you'll get an email with the confirmation of your request with the details.


You will at that point be asked to give your opinion on the booking procedure. We reward all opinions with a promo code with which you can use to get lower prices on your next order.


One day preceding to the collection, you will get another email – Confirmation email - with the name of the courier organization performing the collection or your package and the tracking code.




You can expect that your parcel should be collected at some point somewhere in the range of 9:00 and 18:00 on the scheduled day. The dispatch organization appointed to pick-up your package will show up at your doorstep to collect the package.


In certain circumstances, it might happen that the dispatch shows up at the pick-up address much earlier or later than the preset time frame.


We comprehend that it could be significant for you to get a shorter time span for the pick-up. For this situation, we can give you the contact of the courier organization and you reach to them to concur on a particular time. Be that as it may, we don't ensure this will be possible. In the event that you can't hand over the parcel by yourself, at that point you can allocate someone else to hand over the package.


In the event that nobody is there to give the parcel, the courier will make a subsequent collection attempt on the following working day. After 2 failed collection, the request will be suspended. Keep on mind that you don't have to worry. In the event that this occurs, if you don't mind, contact us, and we will reschedule the collection. Note that in certain countries, there is just one collection or delivery attempt.


The selected courier service can collect and delivery from companies, hotels, organization addresses, apartments, vacations homes, anyplace. It's a door-to-door service as well, yet this implies from the main entryway of the building. Please notice that the courier probably won't climb up floors to get or parcel or a bag.


Tracking the parcel


When the package's given over, you'll be given a proof of collection and it will as of now be headed to its destination. To follow up its transit progress with the courier organization, you can follow the shipment with the tracking number that is sent to you upon the arrival of the courier and proof of collection.


By utilizing Express Shipping Net's order number, you can follow up the whole procedure on our website.


We are always available to you. On the off chance that you notice any wrong signs or postponements for over 2 days, you should get in touch with us.




The delivery is the last step of the procedure. On the off chance that the courier specialist co-op attempts to delivery the parcel yet nobody is available at the location to get it, the parcel will be taken to a nearby warehouse and stored for 7 days, during which the client is required to take the parcel from the warehouse.


Note that the delivered dates are estimated only. This implies because of various reasons, delivery times may vary.


We periodically track the transit of all shipments sent through us. Nonetheless, we welcome you to utilize the tracking number that we provide you check infrequently the progress of your shipment.