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Moving to another country


In case you're moving indeterminately, Express Shipping Net can give you the methods for doing as such and offer help, information and support in regard to your migration. We understand that increasing sticks and move to another country is much more than finding shipping companies and sending everything off.


Therefore, we offer help and assistance with organizing your relocation, from arranging the transportation of your things to the best explanations on labelling and packing. You can inform to us about your international shipping needs, and we will give you the absolute best transportation service with no additional expense.

Obviously, you need a company you can trust, and you'll be placing your most important belongings in the hands of Europe's driving dispatch organizations, cargo forwarders and postal administrators. There is no reason to sit behind a laptop inquiring about the best alternatives, since we consequently pick the best courier organization with the best cost to execution proportion.


We can also advise you on finding the correct insurance package. Despite the fact that shipments with Express Shipping Net is as of now safeguarded up to the estimation of 200 EUR, extra protection is a must.

Here at Express Shipping Net, our principle focus is to offer the most reasonable costs for packages and pallet delivering in Europe and to give advantageous solutions for relocations: simple booking door-to-door dispatching services, access to top-notch services provided by the absolute most famous logistics companies, storage units, tracking frameworks and customer support.





In case you're an enthusiastic traveller, you're likely all around familiar with the monotonous routine of the air terminal. You've most likely gone through hours at check in work areas, squandered minutes at luggage go rounds. Or then again you may even have found yourself in the circumstance where your suitcase is too heavy to be accepted onto the airplane. You'll either need to leave behind your adored belongings or pay an expense for those additional kilos that is some time more than the flight ticket itself, a typical case with low-cost airlines where additional items simply continue adding to the expense.


Our suggestion is to save the time spent at registration counters and suitcase go rounds and stay away from a bill that goes up with each step nearer to the departure door. Indeed, we recommend getting away from the issue of the air terminal and simply transport your bag to its goal. It's positively the most financially savvy choice. On Express Shipping Net, national and worldwide transporter rates are lower than standard airline fees, saving you cash so you can spend it on improving your trip.

The requesting procedure for this service is easy and direct. You should simply provide a collection and delivery address. It can be a private location, a hostel, inn or anyplace, as long as it's in Europe. With this information, you would then be able to get a price for the shipment, the cost showed on the website is consistently the final one.




An incorporated year abroad has gotten a well known decision for undergrad and postgraduates. Notwithstanding the mobility type: temporary studies, BA and MA degrees, volunteers or whatever else, you'll most likely find that there are only a few things from home you can't survive without. Maybe it's your warm Christmas jumper, your preferred quilt or simply your fortunate socks you miss, with Express Delivery Net you can trust getting back your possessions with a procedure that is fast, straightforward and simple.


Regardless of whether you're as of now abroad or you're intending to head off, dispatching your items is a much more reasonable idea than taking them with you on the plane. With Express Shipping Net, you can get away from the pressure of processing in baggage at the airport and moving things around from bag to bag to meet an airline's fastidious luggage rules.

We have links with numerous student's organizations across Europe and work on offering solutions for students abroad with the issue of a lot of baggage. What's more, when you book a service on Express Shipping Net, you're likewise making sure that your baggage will be in the hands of the most prestigious and trusted courier organizations. We wouldn't make partnership with any company.


In the event that you're a student with these concerns, at that point you should contact our group on to perceive how precisely you can profit by the limited costs that Express Express Net is offering through these associations. On the other hand, checking with your local university or college for more information on the discounts available for students be a smart thought.


You can likewise contact our team for advice on how precisely to pack your things. On our blog, we have some helpful information on the most proficient method to ship your bicycle, surfboard, snowboard, athletic gear and bags, also some relevant travel information and information on concentrating abroad with Erasmus +.





As somebody living abroad, it's important to remain in touch with home, any place that might be. Regardless of whether you're an expat who's simply arrived at your home abroad or whether you've been living abroad for some time, at some point or another there will be a need to send something back home or vice versa. Regardless of whether you've seen something abroad that those living at home simply must have or whether you can't live abroad without a bit of home, through Express Shipping Net it's possible for you to flavor up home with the flavors of abroad and the other way around. With our door-to-door transport administrations, you'll have the option to ship individual things, bags and whatever else through a quick and secure procedure.

You can check our website to discover exactly how much cash you could save money on transportation, storage, public storage & logistics companies as opposed to taking your things with you.


With littler parcels, you can get a price and book promptly, however our team in the freight division are additionally nearby for those needing to get offers for bigger parcels or pallets through trucking companies. For more information on the most proficient method to dispatch, you can check our well known blog entries on the most proficient method to do appropriate packaging here.