What can you send?

Express Shipping Net offers a big variety of transportation services; all from standard transportation of cardboard boxes, parcels, luggage, suitcases… to freight service of pallets and all other different types of things, furniture removal, vehicle transport, to relocation and removals service as well as individual van delivery service. Each service is adjusted according to the requirements of both private and business clients. Whatever you wish to send, count on us! At Express Shipping Net, we have logistics specialists who will know how to organize your transportation needs. Our simple-to-follow website allows you to discover the information you are searching for or place your order in just a few clicks.


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Express Shipping Net offers the following shipping services:


All shipping services are accessible to all clients around the world.



Standard shipping service


Not sure which option is the best for you?


Check the measurements of your parcel/package:


Each parcel you might want to send by utilizing our standard transportation service, should weigh up to 40 kg and be within the following measurements limits:


  • Limit length of 175 cm;
  • Length (in cm) + 2x width (in cm) + 2x height (in cm) < 300 cm (length + 2 times width + 2 times height should be under than 300 cm or 3 m all together). The length estimation should be the longest side of the package.


As standard transportation service you can send packages, parcels, bags, suitcases, sports and duffle bags as well as luggage. Whatever your shipment will be, it has to be packed well and correctly to avoid any damage in transport. Check out how to send your desired items and read packing guidelines on our dedicated pages.


Send luggage


At the point when you travel, travel with style – stress and bother free! Send a suitcase of your belongings via Express Shipping Net and pick it at the final location. This is far more reasonable and cheaper. You can keep away from additional expenses for the extra luggage while going via plane, bus or train. Convince yourself, for what reason is it better to send luggage when you’re flying with a low-cost airline. Sending suitcases via Express Shipping Net is the thing that many travelers do every day.


  • How to pack when you send a suitcase?


Ensure sure that each of your items are appropriately secured inside the suitcase. All pockets must be closed or zipped. Ensure there is no irregular or sharp edge. Subsequent to packing, wrap your suitcase in a defensive plastic film, including the handles and wheels. Plastic bags shouldn't be used to protect suitcases. Note that the courier drivers may reject any suitcase that isn’t wrapped by a plastic stretch.



Shipping packages and parcels


Whether you are shipping packages or you have to arrange a parcel shipping, all the items have to be placed in a firm cardboard box, which has to be rigid and sturdy enough to support its weight and contents. It shall have no holes, tears or dents. All old labels have to be removed from the exterior as the courier driver will put a new label for your shipment.


  • How to pack your shipping packages?


If you have more items, you can wrap each item individually in foam padding, wrapping paper or bubble wrap to protect them extra and make sure they are safely placed inside the cardboard box. If you have any space left, fill it with styrofoam packing peanuts so that no item will move during transport. In the end, seal the box well with duct tape to prevent it open while in transit.



Shipping sports and duffle bags


If you are dispatching sports and duffle bags, you need to place them into a cardboard box. Take into consideration, that the courier driver can decline to take your shipment if it is not appropriately packed and put in a cardboard box. Any old stickers must be removed, as the driver will paste a label which will be required for this current transport.


  • How to pack when sending sports and duffle bags?


Depending on whether you have more items, you can wrap each of them individually for extra protection. The bag has to be fully zipped and there shall be no sharp object which could peek through and cause any damage. The bag has to be then placed in a sturdy cardboard box, which will hold its weight. Make sure that the bag can’t move inside the box. If there is space left, fill in with styrofoam packing peanuts so that the bag is safely fixed.


  • Are you curious about when your shipment is going to be delivered?


Please reach out to us to find out more information with respect to the estimated delivered time of your items.


You can also track your shipment using our tracking tool. All you have to do is to insert the tracking number. Check our dedicated page to learn how does parcel tracking work and what is the meaning of different statuses you may encounter.


Are you wondering how much would you pay for what you would like to send? Request a free quote now! In case you already have a question or any concerns, don’t hesitate, but contact our friendly customer support team.



Freight service


Each parcel heavier than 40 kg (on some cases even 30 kg) or surpassing standard transportation measurements is treated as freight shipment at Express Shipping Net. Regardless of whether you have a palletized shipping or you have to organize a shipping of enormous bulky and/or oddly shaped items, sports equipment, music instruments, electronic gadgets, furniture removal of any sort, or whether you need to set up a delivery of household items or vehicle transport, you are on the correct page. Express Shipping Net offers a wide scope of administration! Our logistics specialists can help or advise you about various services, extending from Less than truckload (LTL), Partial truckload (PTL) to Full truckload (FTL).



Palletized goods


Palletized goods is prescribed when you need to send a larger number of packages or enormous and substantial things. The service is, as all other Express Shipping Net services, accessible to all; private and business clients.


At Express Shipping Net, we offer instant pallet delivery and individual custom-made based offers.



Instant pallet delivery


On most European routes we offer instant pallet delivery of Euro-pallets. Click here to see the quotes!


  • How to pack for instant pallet delivery?


Each pallet must be carefully chosen. It should not be broken or in bad condition. The pallet itself must be solid, so it can hold the heaviness of all its load. It must be well packaged and secured for transport.


All packages have to be in equivalent segments, not ignoring the pallet itself, and there should be no gaps between them. Gaps could cause movement which could lead to any kind of harm of the shipped products. Ensure that your packages are packed firmly, which will empower them to support the shocks and stuns during transport.


If your packages are of various weight, place the heavier ones on the base of the pallet and the lighter ones on them. In the end, wrap the cargo in stretch foil for extra protection of the transported goods.



Individual shipment


When you have to ship pallets that are not relating to Euro-pallets, submit an individual solicitation with all the details of what you are dispatching (the items, weight and dimensions), including your personal details and our specialists will set up an individual idea for you which will be custom-made to your prerequisites.



Shipping sports equipment


With Express Shipping Net, you can arrange transporting sports equipment affordably and without any problem. You won't have to carry your equipment to the airport, train or bus station and drag it along on all visits to the final destination because Express Shipping Net offers you door-to-door domestic and worldwide delivery.



  • What sports equipment can you send?


Most sports equipment is of larger dimensions and it will qualify as freight service. However, if it corresponds to standard parcels when packed, you can send it using our standard shipping service and submit your order directly online.



  • How to pack sports equipment?


Each of your items should be in a solid cardboard box and packed in a manner that keeps the goods from moving inside the parcel. If possible, consider disassembling a few things such as bicycle so that they fit better in a box. In case you cannot accommodate your things into a cardboard box, they should be enclosed by cardboard and then wrapped with duct tape. Kindly note that parcels merged together are not accepted. If you distribute the equipment in separate boxes, the shipping service has to be requested for the total number of packages. In the event that you are a first-time shipper or you simply need more information about how to prepare your parcel for transportation of sports equipment, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.